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Zanzar Benex Ambience Spray

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100 ml


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The Ambience Spray is the natural solution to keep your home safe, protected from insects without the use of harmful substances. Contains natural extracts that keep flies away, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, bees, pappataci and other species, including mites. It also has an excellent fragrance, pleasant and delicate.
Spray to spray in every room of your home, even on sofas and mattresses. Ideal also for the bedroom of your children, who will be protected in their sleep.
Catalpa Extract: patented natural extract that keeps mosquitoes away
Essential oils of Geranium and Citronella: very unpleasant to insects
Essential Oil of Cedar: repellent for insects and parasites
Spray in the environment even several times a day, especially if the windows are opened. On upholstery fabrics, try compatibility in a hidden corner.
The geranium essential oil and the catalpa contain geraniol, a very effective natural substance as insect repellent.

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