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Zanzar Benex

Zanzar Benex Adult Spray 50 ml

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50 ml


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Safe, practical and effective in every occasion, the Body Spray is the perfect solution for any situation of discomfort due to the presence of insects and mosquitoes. To be used on the whole body, it is a non-sticky, natural and modern non-alcoholic solution in its formulation.
To be used on every part of the body at any time of the day, it is of practical and immediate use both at home and outside.
Catalpa Extract: natural extract that keeps mosquitoes away
Essential oils of Geranium and Citronella: keep the skin protected from attacks
Apply to every part of the body, even several times a day, whenever the skin is exposed.
The patented extract of catalpa is obtained from a specific variety obtained by selective crossings, without the use of GMOs.

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