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Zanzar Benex Fresh Gel

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75 ml


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Innovative and unique on the market, it is a menthol gel with immediate fresh effect, effective both to remove the insects and to soothe the bites, eliminating the sensation of itching and discomfort. Ideal during the hot season to stay in peaceful outdoors and to spend peaceful nights.
Apply on arms, legs and feet to prevent insect attacks or to relieve redness and itching due to bites. Thanks to the presence of menthol, there is an immediate sensation of freshness.
Extract of Ledum palustre, essential oils of Geranium and Citronella: keep insects away
Cedar essential oil: repellent for insects and pests
Menthol: refreshing, repellent
Mallow and Calendula Extracts: soothing
Aloe Vera: decongestant and refreshing.
Apply to exposed parts of the body, even several times a day.

Ledum Palustre is a wild Rosemary from the Eastern countries, well known for its ability to keep insects away.

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