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The nails are daily exposed to aggression and atmospheric agents such as cold, shocks, UV rays, water and household detergents. The specific Veg Nails healing treatments are excellent for protecting and strengthening weak, flaky nails.

Onicomix is ​​a triple action lotion that prevents and fights fungal infections by acting on fundamental aspects to stop these attacks in the bud. The plant extracts strengthen the nail preventing cracks, breakages and other possible inputs for bacteria, while essential oils exert their antibacterial and antifungal capacity.
Tea Tree essential oil: antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral;
Thyme essential oil: antiseptic, purifying, disinfectant;
Horsetail extract: mineralizing, restructuring, source of silicon;
Erythritol: nourishing and moisturizing;
Mandelic acid: antibiotic, smoothing;
Ethyl alcohol: bacteriostatic
Vegetable glycerol: humectant.

Apply one or two drops in the morning and evening to the clean and dry nail and allow to dry for a few minutes.