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Shea Butter & Lemon Hand Cream - Veg Nails

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75 ml


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Hands are a very important part of the body that actively acts in social relationships and daily activities. Dry and chapped hands create strong discomfort, rough hands have a distorted perception of touch.

Hand Cream Karité and Lemon is a rich emollient cream, effective for preventing and healing cracks, roughness and thickening of hands, elbows and heels in a few applications.
Lemon Essential Oil: healing, brightening, purifying;
Allantoin: smoothing, healing;
Urea: smoothing, promotes cell renewal;
Corn starch: emollient, softening, soothing;
Aloe vera: refreshing, anti-reddening;
Vegetable glycerol: moisturizing, humectant;
Shea Butter: elasticizing, emollient;
Sweet almond oil: emollient, protective.
Apply a light layer of cream massaging from the tips of the fingers towards the palm, continuing to the wrist. When the hands are very damaged, you can use Hand Cream Karité and Lemon as a compress: apply a layer of cream, wear latex gloves and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and admire the result.

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