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Lavender Hand Cream - Veg Nails

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75 ml


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Hands are the part of the body that ages faster because of the aggression of external agents with which they are in contact in countless daily activities. During the day you feel the need to nourish them several times, serving a light and non-greasy cream, such as Lavender Hand Cream.

The blend of active ingredients regenerates the correct degree of hydration penetrating into the deeper layers, prevents tearing of tissues and promotes healing, preventing premature aging.
Lavender essential oil: healing, anti-inflammatory, refreshing;
Aloe vera: moisturizing, soothing, regenerating;
Reconstituted natural moisturizing factor: deep moisturizing;
Vegetable glycerol: moisturizing, humectant;
Shea Butter: moisturizing, re-epithelizing;
Sweet Almond Oil: nourishing, antioxidant, elasticising.
Apply a light layer of cream massaging from the tips of the fingers towards the palm, continuing to the wrist. When the hands are very damaged you can use Lavender Hand Cream as a compress: apply a layer of cream, wear latex gloves and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and admire the result.

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