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250 ml


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Unico Intestine can be defined as a real digestion re-educator. It is based on prebiotic fibers such as Inulin and FOS capable of promoting digestion, regularizing intestinal function by increasing the activity of intestinal bacterial time and decreasing harmful bacteria at the same time.
Intestine is essential for regular cycles of intestinal regularization, to support the bacterial flora during or after antibiotic treatment, to improve the absorption of nutrients, to decrease the dependence on the use of laxatives. After a few days the abdominal swelling decreases, favors the evacuation and regulates it.
Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Inulin, Angelica, Fructo-oligosaccharides-FOS, Dandelion, Walnut Mallo, Milk Thistle, Glutamine, Altea, Rosa Canina, Boldo, Pineapple.
We recommend taking a tablespoon (equal to 12g) diluted in a glass of water or other beverage, preferably away from meals. Recommended in the morning on a fast.
Only € 0.75 per day for a complete 25-day purification program.
Internal use

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