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Magentina Angelica Tincture 50 ml

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Angelica is a robust bush that can grow up to two metres high. Its fleshy trunk and stem are used a lot in cake making for its pleasant scent, either candied or in the form of jam. It is also used in many famous liqueurs, and to improve the flavour of infusions and tisanes. It rarely grows wild but is widely cultivated across the whole of Europe. Its roots are harvested in September and October, from plants around a year old. Magentina Angelica Tincture is labelled Vegan OK.



Angelica archangelica L.


Active Ingredients



How To Use

Resin, tannins, essential oil, angelicina.



Helps digestion, regulates intestinal motions, and elimates gas; helps circulation and fluidity of bronchial secretions.


Use: Angelica is named after Michael the Archangel as it flowers around the time of his saint's day.