Magentina Galega (Goat'S Rue) Tincture 50 ml50 ml


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  • Italian Product

    Italian Product

Galega grows wild and is part of the bean family, in fact its flowers are very similar to those of the bean. It grows everywhere in Italy and especially in the north from coastal areas inland to hilly terrain. It can reach a metre in height and is picked in May to June. Galega Tincture is a Vegan OK product



Galega officinalis L.


Active Ingredients



How To Use

Galegina (alkaloid), bitters, flavonoids, glucochina.



Aids metabolism of carbohydrates, draining of bodily fluids, balancing bodyweight, and milk production in nursing mothers.


Use: One study has shown that given to cows, galega increases milk production from between 35-50%.