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The powerful balsamic action of this Timo Forte Ointment makes it excellent for the treatment of problems caused by the cold, sudden changes of temperature common in spring and winter, and all factors that compromise normal functioning of the respiratory and urinary systems. Aromatic thyme, combined with the balsamic properties of Tea Tree and Eucalytus essential oils and the soothing properties of Mountain Pine, enable this ointment to relieve many skin problems caused by environmental factors.



For respiratory airway problems resulting from bad weather, or allergic reactions to external factors.


Active Ingredients

Active ingredients 23.1%. Liquid extract (D/E 4:1) and oil extract of Thyme, Dry extract of Tabebuia E/D 1:4) Dry extract of Echinacea (E/D 1:4), Liquid extract (D/E 4:1) and oil extract of Eucalyptus, Liquid extract of Poppy (D/E 4:1), Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Thyme Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Mountain Pine Essential Oil. Bach Flowers: Crab Apple, Rescue Remedy and Impatiens formulated to relieve anxiety.


How To Use

In case of cold-related problems apply the cream several times daily and before bed to chest, back, throat and nose. For skin problems apply locally as required. For urinary discomfort, apply to abdomen several times daily.



This Thyme Ointment gives immediate relief and a sense of well-being. Its balsamic effect is due to high concentrations of Eucalyptus Extract and Essential oil. Its mucolytic effect is thanks to Thyme Extract and Thyme and Tea Tree Essential Oils. Poppy Extract along with Mountain Pine and Eucalptus Essential Oils have a calming effect on coughs and catarrh. Tabebuia extract stimulates the immune system.


Use: External

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buon prodotto lo uso quando sono raffreddata (applicandolo sul petto o la gola)


Pensavo una crema che si assorbisse maggiormente


ottimo prodotto