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Tea Tree is the botanical name of Malaleuca alternifoglia, belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is considered one of the most important plants for aromatherapy and the keyword of the Tea Tree essential is "fight."

It is the first aid for the daily inconveniences, because practical to use and easy to apply. It soothes and refreshes the skin, giving immediate relief and fighting immediately any discomfort. To be used in case of labial herpes, cracking corners of the mouth, warts, itching, irritations, abrasions and burns.
Tea Tree essential oil: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal
Essential oil of Mint: refreshing, decongestant
fat-soluble extract of Calendula: reddening, decongestant
Rosehip Oil: healing, regenerating
Soybean Oil: moisturizing, emollient
Grape seed oil: emollient, antioxidant
floriterapica mixture: Vine, Holly, Vervain
Apply to the affected area with the practical roll-on. Repeat until no discomfort.

The small glass bottle with roll on allows you to not waste product and to act on the affected part.

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Ho acquistato il tea tree oil roll on che utilizzo in caso di herpes.

Servizio perfetto!

L avevo ricevuto in regalo lo scorso anno, lo trovo fantastico per tutti i piccoli problemi di emergenza quali: punture d'insetto, foruncoli e anche per piccoli tagli accidentali. Ottimo per disinfettare i lobi delle orecchie prima di introdurre l'orecchino!

Buonissimo!!!! Usato per herpes e scottatura...consigliatissimo!

Ideale da portare sempre con se nelle situazioni di emergenza.