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Tea Tree is the botanical name of Malaleuca alternifoglia, belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is considered one of the most important plants for aromatherapy and the keyword of the Tea Tree essential is "fight."

Great cleanser for intimate hygiene of the whole family, very delicate and easy to use. It prevents and soothes irritation in the genital areas, even the most sensitive. It protects normal bacterial flora of the intimate, great for daily hygiene and perfect for the woman during particular periods such as pregnancy, post partum, menstruation and menopause.
Tea Tree essential oil: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal
Eucalyptus essential oil: analgesic, refreshing
Mucilage Calendula: decongestant, refreshing, softening
Chamomile aromatic water: soothing, anti-reddening
Wheat Proteins: moisturizing, restorative, skin protection
Betaine: it soothes the surfactant action and softens the skin
floriterapica mixture: Vine, Holly, Vervain
Mix with a small amount of water and distribute it on the private parts. Leave on a few minutes the active ingredients and rinse thoroughly.
The essential oil of Tea Tree makes Detergent particularly suitable for deep hygiene even when candid and recurrent cystitis.

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Ottima qualità del prodotto, uso quotidiano efficace.

Mi trovo molto bene con tutta la linea tea tree della crema non posso più farne a meno, il detergente ormai lo uso da parecchio e ne sono soddisfatta pulisce perfettamente non irrita e rimango fresca fino a sera.

Ottimo prodotto

Buono, forse il prezzo un po' elevato