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Tea Tree

Tea Tree Ointment Tube 100 ml

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100 ml


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Tea Tree is the botanical name of Malaleuca alternifoglia, belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is considered one of the most important plants for aromatherapy and the keyword of the Tea Tree essential is "fight."


Multi-purpose ointment useful for alleviating localized skin discomfort. Use it on both fingernails and all over the body where need.

Active principles

26.04% Total functional active ingredients. Essential oils of Tea Tree and Lemon, extract glycerine Goji, Chamomile Extract, Hamamelis Water Aromatic, Dry Centella extract, dry extract of Tabebuia, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Rosehip.

Bach's flowers mixture: Vine, Holly, Vervain

Indications for Use

Apply and massage the ointment on the affected area until completely absorbed. Repeat as often as you feel the need.


A new type of emulsion is used for both the Tea Tree and Lavender Ointment, it results from a study carried out in collaboration with the University of Turin, which has the aim of assessing its ability to convey the essential oils through the skin.

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