Sun Protection Milk 10 Spf 125 ml


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  • 100% Vegan

    100% Vegan

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    Italian Product

Low protection sun milk, with innovative triple action filters and idorossiapatite, natural mineral which filters out UV rays and preserves the skin from aging. It is absorbed quickly and leaves the skin soft and silky. Contains carrot oil and avocado oil.
Low protection moisturizing milk, stimulates the process of apple-nogenesis thanks to carrot oil, allowing a uniform and lasting tan. It is also a real propaedeutic treatment for sun exposure of any type of skin with a moisturizing and regenerating action thanks to oils and plant extracts.
Hydroxyapathite: see "CURIOSITY";
Hop extract: elasticizing, toning;
Shea butter: moisturizing, re-epithelizing, healing;
Argan oil: silky, elasticizing, protective, antioxidant;
Carrot oil: tanning stimulant and protective;
Apricot oil: antioxidant and moisturizing;
Rosemary extract: antioxidant;
Vegetable glycerol: humectant, moisturizing.
Apply a uniform layer of cream on all exposed parts. Repeat the application every hour in the first days and after each bath.
We replaced titanium dioxide with hydroxyapatite, an absolutely natural mineral, one of the main components of tooth enamel. It is used in surgery and in dentistry as a filling material, precisely because it is perfectly bio-compatible. It has a protective action on the skin against pollution and chemicals, protecting from contact with chemical filters. It is an excellent UV filter as well as having a documented anti-wrinkle and elasticizing effect.
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Ottima la qualità consiglio il prodotto che uso quotidianamente quando mi espongo al sole