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Ps/19 Shampoo And Shower Gel 200 ml

0214B - 22022325


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Unbeatable cleanser for fragile and sensitive skin, skin affected by psoriasis, redness, dermatitis and intolerant of water. This rich composition of antiinflammatory and restorative active ingredients with its skin-softening and smoothing components, caresses the skin, soothes redness and gives a pleasant feeling of softness. The essential oils used stimulate the immune response and release scents that touch the soul. These, along with the Bach Flowers Crab Apple and Impatiens, act on the mood transforming the daily hygiene routine into a moment of special well-being.



Gentle cleanser for delicate and sensitive skin. Respects and restores the water-acid-lipid mantle of the skin.


Active Ingredients

Hawthorn, Poppy, Pennywort, Parsley, Bergamot, Lemon, Incense, Tea Tree, Panthenol, Aloe. Bach Flowers: Beech, Crab Apple, Holly Walnut, White Chestnut, Willow.


How To Use

Spread the shampoo shower gel directly onto wet skin, massaging gently. Rinse off carefully in a full bath or under the shower. For hairy skin, allow the active ingredients time to act for a few minutes before rinsing.


Use: External

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