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Propolis Syrup

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150 ml


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100% ITALIAN PROPOLIS Rich in vitamin C. Synergy between its active ingredients strengthen the immune system and benefit the airways.



Recommended for common winter illnesses, helps protect against 'flu, frees the airways, and strengthens immune defences.


Active Ingredients

Propolis stimulates the body's natural defences and reduces inflammation. Mixed wildflower honey calms inflammation and coughs. Blackcurrant fights allergies. Dog rose: source of vitamin C (titrated at 70%). Grapefruit seeds: shorten the duration of an infection. Fragrance and alcohol free.


How To Use

1 dessertspoonful to be taken 2/3 times daily.



During the Second World War in England, rosehips (from the wild dog rose) replaced citrus fruit as source of vitamin C in children's diets.


Use: Internal

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