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Propolis Spray - Alcohol

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30 ml


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Propolis-based food supplement, with hedge mustard and marshmallow, ingredients which soften and soothe.



With nebuliser, provides fast relief to sore throat, and croakiness helping to restore the voice. It also soothes irritations within the mouth.


Active Ingredients

Propolis: reduces inflammation and halts it. Dry extract of Hedge Mustard: reduces inflammation and combats croakiness and loss of voice. Dry extract of hollyhock: soothes the mucous membranes of mouth, throat and larynx. Mint essential oi: refreshes the throat and unblocks a stuffy nose. Myrrh: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.


How To Use

Spray 4 sprays into the back of the throat (0.52 ml) and swallow. Repeat at least 3 times a day, avoiding mealtimes.


Use: Internal

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