Propolis Drops - Alcohol 30 ml


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  • Italian Product

    Italian Product

100% ITALIAN PROPOLIS Fights symptoms of winter colds and 'flu, strenthening the body's natural defences.



For colds, croaky voice and loss of voice. Can be dissolved in water for rinses and gargles to combat mouth inflammation, ulcers and broken skin, and can be dabbed onto the skin.


Active Ingredients

Propolis resin - ratio D/E 1:1 natural antibiotic, stimulates the body's natural defences and reduces inflammation.


How To Use

Take 30 drops dissolved in a glass of water, 2-3 times daily. Can also be placed directly in the mouth to benefit the mucous membranes.



The curative properties of propolis are mainly due to the large amount of bioflavonoids it contains. These are responsible for the high antioxidant capacity of the propolis.