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Prickly Pear Oil

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This is a precious oil for the face. It has a magic formula very rich in antioxidant active ingredients from the most treasured plant oils like prickly pear oil, argan, macadamia and rosehip oils. These conjure up the ancient beauty elixirs used by saharian and oriental women. A super-light, velvety oil it has rebalancing, hydrating and toning properties which make it perfect for enhancing the natural beauty of all skin types.



Ideal nourishing treament for all skin types even the most delicate, and for the eye contours. Can be applied in the morning before face cream, and in the evening onto clean skin, or used as a rich, anti-ageing massage. Excellent addition to treatments for stretchmarks - can be applied directly along the length of each mark. A fast-acting treatment for rough hands and also for toning loose, underarm skin.


Active Ingredients

Prickly Pear Oil, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Soy Oil, Macadamia Oil, Oily extract of Mimosa.


How To Use

Apply a few drops of oil to the face, throat and decolleté, gently massaging in circular movements. Prickly Pear Oil can be used alone as a daily treatment, or in addition to usual creams as an intensive treatment.


Use: External

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