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0210B - 22022264

 150 ml


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Specially formulated Wash for the anal area, for use after every motion. Extracts of Poplar, Poppy, Asiatic pennywort and Aloe Vera are known for their soothing and antiinflammatory properties. The mix of essential oils - Yarrow, Camomile, Cypress and Peppermint - add a delicate scent with aromatherapeutic benefits.



Wash for thorough cleansing of the anal area. Brings relief from burning, irritation and haemmorhoids.


Active Ingredients

Camomile, Asiatic pennywort, St John's Wort, Horse chestnut, Witch Hazel, Poppy, Poplar, Mint, Cypress, Yarrow, Beech Bach Flowers, Crab Apple Bach Flowers, Holly Bach Flowers, Walnut Bach Flowers, White Chestnut Bach Flowers, Willow Bach Flowers.


How To Use

Wash the affected area before applying the Ointment. Refreshes on every application. Apply as desired.


Use: External

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