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Calendula Ointment Tube 100 ml

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Calendula officinalis is rich in essential oils, carotenoids, flavonoids and saponins. It is widely cultivated and used for its beneficial properties. Excellent for nourishing and protecting the skin, it is especially good for the delicate skins of babies and the elderly. It gives lasting relief thanks to its ingredients, restoring skin to full health. Calendula ointment has also been specially formulated for use as an aftersun cream restoring vitality and elasticity to the skin through the combined action of Aloe, Vitamin E, Roseship and Shea butter.



To nourish, hydrate and soften parts of the body where skin may be challenged, irritated and reddened.


Active Ingredients

Active ingredients 26.5%. Aloe Barbedensis gel, Dry extract (E/D 1:4), liquid (D/E 4:1) and oily extract of Calendula, Camomile scented water, Shea butter, Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E. Bach Flowers: Vervain, Beech, Crab Apple and Impatiens - formulated to alleviate anxiety.


How To Use

Spread generously over the affected area and massage well until completely absorbed. Repeat as required.



The flavonoids in the Calendula Extract help the skin's natural healing processes, stimulating cell regeneration and improving skin tone tone. This promotes the overall wellbeing of the skin which is also nourished and softened by the Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, and Almond Oil.


Use: External

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