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Drops with Valeriana 50 ml

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50 ml


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Food supplement based on plant extracts. Contains lemon balm and passionflower that promote mental well-being. In addition, valerian and escolzia favor relaxation in the event of stress and reconcile sleep.
Useful to regain calm, serenity and promote a restful sleep. Excellent for combating daily stress, encouraging rest after a busy day of work or study and improving the quality of sleep.
Passiflora, Escolzia, Valeriana, Melissa, Sweet Orange
It is recommended to take 30 drops equal to 1.12 ml in the evening just before bedtime.
The man has inside a biological clock that influences the physiological processes and that conditions the waking hours and those of sleep, the circadian cycle. Sleeping is therefore a biological function that is essential for the survival of the organism and for the psychic equilibrium of man.
Internal use

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