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Natural Benex

Natural Benex Anti-Cellulite Cold Gel 200 ml

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Benex Anticellulite Gel restores tone, smoothness and lightness to legs, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. This gel retains all the positive energy of its plant ingredients. Helps areas affected by cellulite to purify and drain, improving their appearance and their function.


Active Ingredients

Ivy, Horse chestnut, Bladderwrack (seaweed), Caffeine, Asiatic pennywort, Mint, Eucalyptus.


How To Use

Gently massage into the affected area. After a few minutes an intense sensation of cold will be felt. Repeat at least twice daily.



Contains Horse chestnut and Pennywort for their beneficial effects on circulation and drainage of fluids. Mint gives an immediate feeling of freshness and the seaweed and caffeine are especially effective in treating cellulite.


Use: External