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Leniplus Calendula Medical Device

0215A - 22022318

100 ml


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Specially -selected plant ingredients mean LENIPLUS CALENDULA OINTMENT can form a thin film over the skin and hydrate, soften and protect, reducing irritating skin symptoms bringing relief and well-being right from the first application. It is of great help, able to promote healthy skin and limit adverse effects of environmental factors such as prolonged exposure to the sun, under-arm, groin and inner thigh irritation caused by perspiration, and other skin conditions caused by external factors.



Leniplus Calendula Ointment is recommended for controlling and reducing skin symptoms such as inflammation, irritation and dryness.


Active Ingredients

Composition. Contains the following: shea butter; rosehip, almond oil, vitamin E, aloe juice, camomile extract, camomile water, extracts of calendula, horse chestnut and linden.


How To Use

Instructions for use: spread generously on the affected area. Apply as often as needed.



This is a CE medical device. Read the illustrated leaflet and instructions carefully.


Use: External