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Cough Treatment 6 8-ml Ampoules Medically-Approved

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6 AMPOULES - 8ml 


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The Cough Treatment contains especially-selected plant ingredients and essential oils. Alleviates cough symptoms by softening, lubricating, hydrating and protection the mucous membranes of the main respiratory tract.



The inhaling solution in the Cough Treatment range is recommended as an accompaniment to this Cough Treatment.


Active Ingredients

White Thyme, Scots Pine, Niaouly, Sage, Camomile, Secretion of Marigold


How To Use

Inhalation: shake the ampoule well before emptying the contents into around 750 ml of really hot water. Lean over the bowl to inhale the steam while covering the head with a towel. Remain for 3-5 minutes, with the eyes closed. Inhale twice a day. Aerosol application: for use with inhalation equipment first dilute the ampoule contents in an equal amount of water. Pour the solution into the aerosol's dedicated container and inhale for around 15 minutes, until the liquid is finished.



Medical device CE. Medically approved 17/09/2012. Read the enclosed leaflet and instructions carefully before use.


Use: External