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Otofree - Medical Cones For Ears

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Otofree are cones for the ear, a natural hygienic product, which produces a beneficial, liberating, relaxing heat, promoting the removal of earwax.



Otofree are cones for the ear to remove earwax plugs.


Active Ingredients

Bees wax


How To Use

Have the subject sitting comfortably, resting her head horizontally (on a table or desk) so that the ear to be treated is horizontal, check that the two holes of the OTOFREE are open, move out of the way or cover long hair. Light the OTOFREE candle at the top hole. Gently insert it into the ear canal, hold it with your hand and wait for it to burn slowly until about a third of its length, then pull it out and extinguish in a glass of water. Application time: about five minutes. Don't expose to heat sources. It is advisable always to have another adult present. Before use consult an otolaryngologist to confirm the presence of excess earwax and to ensure that any inconvenience suffered is due to the earwax and not to any ear illness. Not recommended for use on children under 12.