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The Alder is a tree that is not affected by the composition of the soil, is able to live in flood areas and helps the growth of other species that are located near him.

Black alder
Alnus Glutinosa is recommended in inflammatory forms of the respiratory system (rhinitis, sinusitis, tracheitis ...), to improve brain spraying in the elderly, in urticaria (together with Ribes Nigrum) and in treatments for drug detoxification, additives, food preservatives, etc. It is a very good complement in antibiotic treatments, which improves effectiveness and decreases the negative effects.
40 drops three times a day.
The effectiveness of Macerates can be immediate, but it is usually necessary to use them for a few weeks because their rebalancing action is complete.

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Ottima qualità, consiglio il prodotto.

ho iniziato ad usarla solo ora non so' come sara' il risultato

Da anni sperimento le meraviglie dell'Alnus Glutinosa: un macerato che esplica le sue note e molteplici proprietà in modo stupefacente. Ho iniziato a provare questo dell'Erboristeria Magentina e proprio perchè posso confrontarlo con altri precedentemente usati, posso solo che consigliarlo vivamente: è perfetto!