Revitalin Rosehip Face Cream 50 ml


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Precious anti-ageing concentrate for the face. Gentle, fresh and velvety as a rose petal, this cream with Revitalin® stimulates skin renewal and helps prevents brown spots and wrinkles.



Has a softening, protective and antioxidant action and restores the sebaceous skin barrier. But its most notable benefit is due to the presence of Revitalin®, patented active ingredient which increases cell respiration, i.e. the vitality and energy of skin cells. Cleanses without damaging the skin, removes deep-seated impurities and make-up (including waterproof), nourishes the skin and helps it to absorb the active ingredients.


Active Ingredients

Organic rosehip oil: antioxidant and anti-ageing. Dry extract of dog rose (source of vitamin C): anti-oxidant, healing. Natural moisturising factor: super-hydrating. Vitamin E: antioxidant, antiageing. Scientifically-developed Revitalin®: toning, promotes cell renewal. Organic shea butter: softening and hydrating. Jojoba oil: softening, protective. Vegetable glycerine: hydrating and moisturising. Rosemary extract: skin purifying, healing. Bach Flowers: Rock Rose, Wild Rose.


How To Use

Apply the desired amount to the face, neck and decolleté, massaging gently until completely absorbed. For daily use.



Our Face Cream contains a patented, super-effective active ingredient: Revitalin®. It is a glycoprotein developed by plant science, therefore obtained through natural fermentation.


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Il prodotto è ottimo. Mi trovo bene

sulla mia pelle ha un effetto benefico, me la ricordavo diversa, ora si assorbe facilmente, ma mi piaceva anche la precedente versione, che lasciava la pelle curatissima.

Ottimo sia l'olio che la crema