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Organic Rosehip Oil (100% Pure)

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Extravirgin Rosehip Oil directly imported from Chile. Obtained by cold pressing, not refined. Stimulates the skin's regenerative processes combatting wrinkles, brown marks, scars resulting from surgery and acne and stretch marks. Rapidly absorbed. Not sticky.



Household burns, sunburn, surgical scars, scars from accidents, stretch marks, wrinkles, to tone the neck and decolleté. Can be used on the delicate eye area.


Active Ingredients

Organic rosehip oil.


How To Use

Massage into the area affected for a few minutes, several times daily, as required. Use alone or added into a cream.



Erboristeria Magentina imports rosehip oil direct from Chile. It comes from rosehips that are organically grown, in the south of the country. Our oil is produced through a carefully-researched cold-pressing method, and is finely filtered in order to preserve the integrity and purity of the oil. It is certified 'Organic'.


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