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Hazelnut Oil - Food Product 250 ml

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Obtained by cold pressing the ‘fruits o Corylus avellana. The hazelnut is one of the most commonly known fruits, appreciated for its nutritive qualities. In particular its oil has been used since the stone age. A light oil, with a delicate, slightly aromatic aroma, it has antioxidant properties – all characteristics which make it an especially good food for babies and the elderly. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids hazelnut oil is excellent both for the skin and for its food value. It is used in great cuisine to dress salads but is also popular in desserts, as a partial substitute for butter or margarine, because it withstands cooking well. In cosmetics it is good for oily skin and complexions prone to acne because it cleanses the pores, is astringent and rebalances the sebum composition. It is excellent for massages of the whole body, either alone or mixed with other oils. Hazelnut oil is labelled Vegan OK because it contains solely plant-based ingredients.



It is a light oil, with a delicate, pleasantly aromatic smell. It has strong antioxidant properties, too and these are all characteristics that make it an especially suitable food for babies and elderly people. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamins A and E. Ideal for dressing salads and in sauces.


How To Use

A dessertspoonful per day (about 7 g), preferably in the morning or at least between meals.


Use: Internal

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