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Jojoba Oil 100 ml

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This oil is among the most ancient cosmetics used in America. It was used by native Indians as a universal skin treatment thanks to its softening and hydrating properties. Being odourless and long-life it is ideal for use in aroma massage and aroma therapy. Jojoba oil is also readily absorbed by the skin and is very liquid making it a popular choice for use in creams and shampoos and in massage. Jojoba oil is labelled Vegan OK because it contains solely plant-based ingredients.



Hydrating and softening it is good for helping to restore skin after burns and wounds. Ideal for very dry skin and as a carrier for essential oils. It has seborestorative properties and is therefore recommended for those with sensitive skin, acne or pimples and blackheads. Also good as a moisturising hair mask where hair is dry and porous.


Active Ingredients




Store in a dark, cool, dry place.


Use: External

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