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Coconut Oil 100 ml

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The beautiful skin and hair of glamourous eastern women can often be attributed to their daily application of coconut oil all over their bodies. In fact, people in tropical countries often have smooth skin and shiny hair despite the harmful effects of the sun, keeping them always looking young.



Excellent nourishing and hydrating properties for skin and hair thanks to high fatty acid content. Excellent as an after sun treatment. It is not a suncare product as it has no protective properties but, combined with a sun protection product, it increases the intensity of the tan. Applied to hair it adds shine to the hair shaft and increases hair volume and luminescence.


Active Ingredients



How To Use

Apply as desired to hair and body.



The oil derives from dried coconut, the fruit of the Coconut palm, which grows in coastal areas in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.


Use: External

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