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Calendula Oil 100 ml

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The active ingredients in the Calendula extract present in this oil soften and soothe and aid skin recovery and wound healing. Calendula oil is labelled Vegan OK because it contains solely plant-based ingredients.



Excellent soother, softener and revitaliser for tired, dry, reddened or sensitive skin, such as that of babies and elderly people. Used on face and neck it prevents the formation of wrinkles and lessens the appearance of any already present. Especially recommended to soften the skin of nursing mothers' nipples. Can be used in its pure form or added to creams for the face or body. Useful also in the treatment of insect bites, reddened skin or against irritating poison from jelly-fish stings. No negative side effects.


Active Ingredients




Store in a dark, cool, dry place.


Use: External

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