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Argan Gold Shampoo Shower Gel 150 ml

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Creamy, gentle wash with precious oil of Argan, 'desert gold', with its intense, intoxifying scent. For a hydrating beauty bath that leaves the skin firmer. For beautiful, shiny hair and for skin as soft as silk. A great way both to start the day and to unwind before bed.



Hydrating, elasticising, and protective. Argan oil leaves the skin velvety smooth and hair beautifully soft, even hair that need to be shampooed often.


Active Ingredients

Argan, Panthenol, Aloe.


How To Use

Apply like a cream over the whole body and hair. Massage gently. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse. Excellent for the shower, wonderful in a bath to relax while bathing enjoying Argan's properties to the full.



Has the consistency of a cream and leaves skin feeling fresh and soft thanks to the decongesting power of aloe and the softening, hydrating action of the argan oil.


Use: External

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