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Argan Gold Hair Oil 100 ml

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Argan gold makes hair shine like silk. This precious oil protects from the sun, the wind, humidity and the effects of saltwater. It maintains hair colour and prevents the hair shaft and scalp from drying out.



Protective, nourishing, elasticising. Reduces frizziness, tames curly and wild hair, maintains the elasticity and shine of straight hair; prevents hair from drying out and the formation of split ends.


Active Ingredients

Argan, UV Filter, Alkyl Lactate, Alkyl Malate.


How To Use

Spray onto dry hair to protect it from the sun and salt damage. Spray onto damp hair before blow drying. Leaves hair shiny, bright and nourished.



Berber women have been using Argan oil for centuries on their hair, too, to protect it from the effects of ageing and attack from the elements.


Use: External

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