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Prickly Pear (Fico D'India) Range

Prickly Pear Massage Oil 200 ml

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This precious Oil has a light, comforting feel that makes massage a unique and intense sensory experience. Its formula, rich in plant oils from exotic, mysterious places such as prickly pear, avocado, soy, and sweet almonds - all highly antioxidant and elasticising - make any massage truly special, transforming it into a full, intensive beauty treatment for the skin. For skin that is superbly soft, elastic and velvety.



Ideal massage oil for all skin types, indispensable softening treatment for super-dry skins. Excellent for use in massage to stimulate the circulation in areas carrying excess adipose tissue. Perfect for massage - professional or at home - for all parts of the body after bathing or before bed.


Active Ingredients

White meadowfoam oil, soy oil, prickly pear oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, oily extract of rosemary.


How To Use

Pour the required amount of Prickly Pear oil into the hand, warming it gently, and massage.


Use: External

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