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Prickly Pear (Fico D'India) Range

Prickly Pear Shampoo Shower Gel 150 ml

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The unusual mix of perfumed active ingredients in this precious Shampoo Shower Gel, with prickly pear oil, aromatic camomile water, and Dead Sea water, intoxicates the mind and senses. It transforms a time of bathing into a special, relaxing treatment for body and hair, with an exotic touch. The extreme gentleness of the cleansing formula with coconut vegetable surfactants, and hydration from wheatgerm protein and panthenol, leave the skin silky soft and hair soft and shiny.



Ideal for all the family, even those with sensitive and delicate skins. Excellent as a gentle shampoo for all hair types.


Active Ingredients

Coconut and maize vegetable surfactants, prickly pear oil, panthenol, Dead Sea water, aromatic camomile water.


How To Use

Apply Shampoo Shower Gel to body and hair, dampen with water, and rinse. To better appreciate a relaxing bath time, and the exotic, hydrating properties of Prickly Pear, add a small amount to the bath water.


Use: External

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