Yin-Yang Relaxing Bath Oil 200 ml


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From ancient Chinese philosophy was born Yin-Yang oil, the range that expresses all the oriental traditions of complementary opposites: day turns to night, and night turns to day, the calm preceding the storm and the storm giving way to calm. The Relaxing Oil contains the abstractions of Yin, of the night, introversion, pleasure and femininity.



Aromatic blend to relax the body and mind, promoting rest and femininity.


Active Ingredients

With essential oils of Neroli, Camomile, Verbena, Jasmine and Sweet Orange.


How To Use

Shower: massage directly on to the skin and rinse. Adapted to dryer skin too, maintains the skin's hydrolipidic film. Bath: pour a couple of teaspoonfuls in the bath and then turn on the hot water. The atmosphere will be filled with its characteristic fragrance. Hydromassage: a spoonful poured on to hot water is enough to activate the substances present in the oil and make them take effect on the skin and in the mind.



The categories of Yin and Yang also concern all the natural phenomena and are at the basis of the two most important Chinese religions: Taoism and Confucianism.

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Lo adoro! La sua inconfondibile profumazione mi accompagna per una giornata intera

olio da bagno fantastico, lo utilizzo nella vasca idromassaggio, dopo l'allenamento o dopo la sauna per trovare calma e rilassarmi.Anche sotto la doccia è molto rigenerante, ma lo preferisco in vasca.


devo ancora testarlo bene ma sembra ciò che cercavo

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