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Ambience Angels 100 ml

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To create a serene and relaxed ambiance, to give your home a sense of protection and security that brings the family together around the fireplace, and to reinforce the relations between all its members. Ideal for all the home, including children's bedrooms.



Does not stain and can be used on furniture fabrics, mattresses and cushions, and on all materials and fabrics that are resistant to alcohol. It is sprayed in areas according to size, and particularly in corners. Can be repeated more often in the first few days.


Active Ingredients

Orange, Verbena, Mandarine, Neroli, Incense, Camomile, Lemon Balm, Jasmine.


How To Use

One or two sprays at home, in wardrobes, in drawers, or on cotton balls that you can put in your bag or suitcase.


Use: External

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