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Lavanda Extra

Balm Lavanda Extra 30 ml

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Lavender is an aromatic plant which produces the famous flowers by color between blue and lilac. But it is not only beautiful: its extraordinary properties make it ideal for wellness and personal care.
The Balsam is a real concentrate for the immediate treatment of skin problems of delicate skin such as redness and applications in sensitive areas. Ideal therefore for localized applications such as under the breast, near the mouth and nostrils and in inguinal folds. It can be applied on chilblains, promoting cicatrization or on cuts and cracks of elbows and feet.
Active ingredients - 100% total
Essential oil of Lavender: anti-inflammatory, soothing, analgesic.
Shea Butter: emollient, regenerating, protective.
Rosa Mosqueta oil: healing, elasticizing, regenerating.
Achillea oily extract: anti-inflammatory.
Calendula oily extract: soothing, decongestant.
Vegetable Vaseline (Castor oil and Carnaruba wax): lubricant, emollient.
Complex based on soy and unsaponifiable glycerides: emollient, protective.
Apply to the affected parts with a short massage even several times a day.
The key word of Lavender Essential Oil is "to calm down".
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