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Lavanda Extra

Essential Oil Lavanda Extra 30 ml

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Lavender is an aromatic plant which produces the famous flowers by color between blue and lilac. But it is not only beautiful: its extraordinary properties make it ideal for wellness and personal care.
The Essential Oil of Extra Lavender is the most versatile essence from the therapeutic point of view. For the skin it is useful in case of burns, dandruff, lice, abscesses and insect bites. It is also indicated for the circulatory and musculoskeletal system, for the nervous system, respiratory system, for the digestive and urogenital system. It can be used internally, being notified as a food supplement, both for aromatherapy and for topical applications.
100% pure lavender essential oil
Dilute from 1 to 3 drops in a little sugar or honey 1-3 times a day, equal to a daily dose of 0.023 - 0.243 grams of essential oil.
The key word of Lavender Essential Oil is "to calm down".
Internal use

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