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Lavanda Extra

Aromatic Water Lavanda Extra 100 ml

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Lavender is an aromatic plant that produces the famous flowers with a color between blue and lilac. But it is not only beautiful: its extraordinary properties make it ideal for well-being and personal care.
It is the water used for the distillation of Essential Oil. for this, it retains all the properties and the scent of flowers. Practical for use thanks to its spray dispenser, Aromatic Water soothes irritated skin, reddened and affected by insect bites. Excellent in case of hot flashes, as a tonic for the face with oily and acneic skin but also to combat migraine. It is also useful in case of lice attack because it creates an environment that is hostile to proliferation.
Functional Active Principles 100% total.
Lavender Aromatic Water: stimulating, antiseptic, antispasmodic.
Floriterapic blend: Agrimony, Olive, Beech
Thanks to the convenient dispenser, you can spray directly on the affected part as needed
The key word of Lavender Essential Oil is "to calm down".
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