Jalurage Bb Cream Medium-Dark30 ml


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  • Italian Product

    Italian Product

Soft-coloured cream. Smoothes and protects the skin from UV rays. An effective anti-ageing and super-hydrating treatment.



10 in 1. Its rich formulation brings 10 benefits in every application: 1 Reduces the appearance of wrinkles 2 Protects from UV rays (SPF 15) 3 Prevents skin ageing 4 Deeply hydrates 5 Covers blemishes 6 Gives a uniform skin tone 7 Enhances natural beauty 8 Nourishes and stimulates skin cells 9 Brightens 10 Lengthens the life of make-up


Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid: hydrating, anti-wrinkle, firming. Aromatic sage water*: stimulates and normalises skin's physiological functions. Vegetal glycerine: hydrating and moisturising. Hydrolised wheat protein: hydrating, nourishing, restorative, protective. Vitamin E: antioxidant, anti-ageing. Sun screen: protects from UV rays (SPF 15 (tested). * organic ingredients.


How To Use

Alone, after your usual cream, or as a base to help your makeup last longer.


Use: External