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Jalurage Face Cream

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50 ml


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Anti-ageing treatment par excellence. The laboratory developed hyaluronic acid with its moisturising and soothing properties also stimulates the skin's collagen production.



Restores elasticity and vitality to mature or stressed skins and prevents premature ageing in younger women.


Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid: hydrating, anti-wrinkle, firming. Soy isoflavins (liposomal genistein): anti-wrinkle, re-elasticising, toning. Aromatic orange flower water: restorative, toning. Sweet almond oil: softening, nourishing. Macadamia oil: nourishing, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle. Natural Moisturising Factor: superhydrating, Vitamin E acetate: antioxidant, anti-ageing. Shea butter: hydrating and nourishing. Rosemary extract: antioxidant. Vegetal glycerine: hydrating and moisturising.


How To Use

A real beauty treatment for the face, throat and decolletè. Massage gently.


Use: External

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