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Geo White Clay - Paste 250 ml

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Ready to use for poultices and masks both for skin and joint problems as well as cosmetic applications. Also suitable for sensitive skin.



Ready to use for the same applications as Green Clay, but also suitable for sensitive skin.


Active Ingredients

White clay, Vegetable glycerine, Lavender, Horse chestnut, Marigold, Arnica


How To Use

GEO clay is ready to apply directly to super-clean skin. Apply in even, thin layers until the desired thickness is reached. On skin with abundant hair growth place a fine gauze between the poultice and the skin. It is recommended to keep the treated area as still as possible, and that the poultice be fixed in place with a bandage or with underwear. Place a wool cloth over the poultice by way of insulation. The application can remain in place for 30 minutes to 2 hours. Remove the poultice when it has changed from cold to hot or when it starts to ‘pull’ the skin. Rinse off with water. The areas of the body to which GEO clay can be applied to the following parts of the body: HEAD: it can be applied to the forehead or the nape of the neck, positioning a gauze to avoid the introduction of stray hair, then wrapping a scarf loosely around the head, turban-style. EARS: first block the ear canal with cotton wool before covering the ear, front and back, with an even layer of Geo. EYES: for eye problems it is best to treat the forehead first, and then if this is insufficient a layer of Geo can first be applied to one closed eye and then, once that treatment is complete, to the second.



Clay therapy is a natural medicine without risks or side effects. It works slowly, aimed primarily at maximising health. It strengthens the body's natural defences and helps to restore balance. Can be applied to the whole body and, thanks to its ionic exchange capacity, it remineralises, drains, purifies and revitalises. Animals, too, benefit from the use of GEO clay treatments.


Use: External

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