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Calendula Gel 100 ml

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Helps skin under all kinds of stress. Excellent for redness, itching, problems caused by sun exposure, irritating skin dryness, cracked skin, allergic reactions, rosacea, redness caused by excess cold or heat. Can also be used as a daily skin treatment for the face.



Skin reddens in response to many external agents and stressful situations.


Active Ingredients

Dry extract of Calendula 3%, Oil extract of Calendual, Gemmoderivate of Blackcurrant, Cornflower Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Lavender and Camomile essential oils, Panthenol, Oil extract of Rosemary, Vegetable Glycerine, Bisabolol. Parabens free. Bach Flowers mix: Heater, Agrimony, Crab Apple.


How To Use

Apply to delicate skins with a brief, gentle massage.



If possible, cover with a blue cloth, a colour that has a soothing and refreshing effect, counteracting pain and dispersing heat.


Use: External

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