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Cold Arnica Gel 100 ml

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The best solution for sprains, bumps and twisted ankles. Its intense cold feeling brings immediate relief, helps reduce swelling and prevent the formation of bruises. A recommended accessory for all sports enthusiasts especially cyclists and skiers, it is also has a thousand uses in the home.



The intense cold freshness and the mix of plant extracts relieves skin discomfort in parts of the body suffering trauma or bruising.


Active Ingredients

Dry extract of Arnica 1%, Fat-soluble extract of Arnica, Water-soluble extract of Arnica, Camomile scented water, Shea butter, Gemmoderivate of Vine, Menthol, Mint essential oil, Oily extract of Rosemary, Vegetable glycerine. Bach Flowers mix: Vervain, Holly


How To Use

Apply to the skin several times daily.



Where possible, cover with an indigo - dark blue-violet - cloth. This colour reduces the influence of the physical body on the etheric one, so reducing the sensation of pain.


Use: External

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