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Aloe Gel 100 ml Tea Tree/Lavender

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The universal remedy for skin problems such as burns, reddening, itching and irritated skin. Rapidly restores the well-being of the skin. Delicate enough for use on the whole body including intimate parts. Indispensable for the skins of babies, adults and elderly people. Excellent, too, for cosmetic use as an aftersun, and after hair removal treatments and shaving.



Aloe heps the skin to regenerate, soothes itching and irritations and restores balance giving an immediate sense of well-being.


Active Ingredients

Aloe Gel 92%, Essential Oils of Tea Tree and Lavender. Preservatives free. Bach flowers: Star of Bethlehem, White Chestnut, Rescue Remedy.


How To Use

Apply to delicate skins with a brief, gentle massage.



If possible, cover with a green cloth, a colour that has a calming effect to restore a sense of balance, while soothing red-coloured skin conditions, since green complements red.


Use: External

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