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Deodorising Foot Spray 100 ml

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150 ml


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The FOOT WELLBEING range has been developed to resolve foot skincare problems. These products, rich in natural ingredients, are designed to render skin healthy, hydrated and soft. Its gentle but effective action, gives a pleasant feeling of well-being. Its eco-friendly formula is rich in essential oils helps right from the first application to eliminate unpleasant odours without affecting the natural transpiration of the skin. Extract of menthol gives an immediate sensation of freshness. Ideal for summer, for sport enthusiasts, and for anyone wearing shoes without adequate ventilation.



Gently deodoraises while allowing the skin to breathe naturally. Ideal for application direct to the foot, and to the interior of footwear. Also suitable for babies and children.


Active Ingredients

Mint, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Thyme, Arnica, Horse Chestnut


How To Use

Spray from a distance of 10-15cm. Also apply the product between the toes.



Some say that our bodies were designed by nature to move on all fours and that evolution has brought to walking upright which has greatly increased the pressure on our feet, the sole support for the whole body.

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