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The FOOT WELLBEING range has been developed to resolve foot skincare problems. These products, rich in natural ingredients, are designed to render skin healthy, hydrated and soft. Its gentle but effective action, gives a pleasant feeling of well-being. Its eco-friendly formula is rich in essential oils helps right from the first application to eliminate unpleasant odours, without affecting the natural transpiration of the skin. Extract of menthol gives an immediate sensation of freshness. Ideal for summer, for sport enthusiasts, and for anyone wearing poorly-aerated shoes. These Footbath salts are labelled Vegan OK because they contain solely vegetal ingredients



For an extra-special footbath. Refreshes, deodorises, leaving skin soft and smooth, prevents the formation of callouses and corns. Soothes the effects of long-distance walking.


Active Ingredients

Dead Sea Salts, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Oak, Horse Chestnut, Horsetail, Walnut


How To Use

Dissolve a handful of salts in 2-3 litres of hot water (36/38°C). Soak the feet for 10-15 minutes. Complete the treatment by applying moisturiser and deodorising cream.



Foot reflexology teaches that every point on the foot corresponds to an organ in our body. Therefore foot problems affect their corresponding organs. So looking after our feet makes sense for our general health and not just for looking good.


Use: External

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